Sustainable interior 

Would you also like your home to be a nice and unique place that radiates your own style? And on top of that, it is designed to be sustainable? Are you already on your way but still missing the dot on the i? Or do you really not get it together? I am happy to help you visualize and/or elaborate what you have in mind.

Styles intertwine and in combination with what you really want and don't want to buy a quick fix with junk?Do you no longer have the overview?

I am happy to help you turn your home into a fantastic sustainable place that you can be proud of and enjoy living in. 

I do this by restyling the furniture you already have, scoring items on marktplaats & I thrift stores. Everything is of course checked, cleaned and repaired by me, we choose sustainable paint and set up in the Feng Shui way.

Preference timeless rather than trendy. Of course we supplement this with
accessories that are of this time and that suit your taste.