Wij zijn Evelien en Sjaakie.

Because my dog ​​"Sjaak" makes me happy, I named my company 'De Zaak van Sjaak'.  An (online) shop where you can find preloved & vintage furniture and tableware. Translated In Dutch "De zaak van Sjaak " means "The Shop of Sjaak" .Also in Dutch it's a saying, which means a shop where you can find almost everything.

How it started? 

My love for beautiful things started to look more and more like a collection. Thanks to compliments from friends and family and the question what I mostly like to do?  


Weekly I go on the hunt to look for the best vintage finds. I look at structure shapes and materials. There are so many cool objects, gorgeous design pieces that you don't need new newly produced items.

And I can show you, how to fit them in the based on contemporary trends.

Just what you need to make your home personal and unique. Everything can have a new life. Easy beginning of a sustainable lifestyle.