Terms and conditions of "de Zaak van Sjaak".  
The general terms and conditions as described here apply to every product that is offered on De Zaak van Sjaak webshop and Instagram. Any order implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.

Identity of the entrepreneur
This website belongs to:
De Zaak van Sjaak
wijkerstraatweg 51

1951EB Velsen Noord 
kvk nummer: 81139276

All products
All items are second-hand. This means that every product contains traces of use. Sometimes very little, sometimes a little more. The condition of each item is indicated in the description of the item.

In the description I also tell as accurately as possible what the product looks like and what it is made of. Be sure to check out the photos of the product! If the product has signs of use, these are clearly visible in the photos.

The agreement
This agreement applies the moment you have actually paid for a product. As soon as I have received your payment,
I will send you a confirmation from

Of course I always use secure payment and your data will not end up with others

Herroepingsrecht- retouren
The consumer has the right to inform the seller that he renounces the purchase, without payment of a fine and without giving any reason, within 28 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the product or the conclusion of the services agreement. You pay for the shipping costs or return costs yourself (read when we will deliver the product by car and you want to return it you pay for the delivery cost) and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price, provided the item is as you bought it from me.

Retour can be send to: 
wijkerstraatweg 51, 1951EB Velsen noord 

Obligations of De Zaak van Sjaak upon revocation
If you want to cancel your order: send me an email stating which product you want to cancel. Please return the product yourself or send it by post. if the product has already been paid for, you will of course receive a full refund.

1. The price that is visible in the webshop is simply the price you pay for the item.
2. This price includes VAT.
3. This price does not include delivery costs. We are happy to deliver your vintage furniture to you!

These are the costs for delivery:
These are the costs associated with it: We deliver throughout the Netherlands, with the exception of the Wadden Islands.
€40,- for 0 - 15 km
€60,- for 16 - 70 km
€80 for 71 to 100 km
€110,- for 101 -  200 km
€130,- for > 200 km

Pick up is of course for FREE!

Shipping costs via Post.nl (including insured)
Letter box package 38 cm x 26 x 3 cm (2kg): €4.10
Package 100x50x 50 cm (10kg): €7.50
Package 176x78x 58 cm (20kg): €13.00
Shipping in Europa : €25.00

Transaction costs
Mollie/tikkie: free
Bank transfer: free

Fulfillment agreement

I will ensure that you receive the product as described in the webshop. All products I sell are vintage or at least second-hand. They are not new, but in such a condition that they can pass for a second life.

There is no warranty on the products. If there is in the foreseeable future,  something not right with the product. Let me know and we can find a solution.

Delivery and execution
Small products will sent by post. Hereby we keep the shipping costs of Post.nl. Products that cannot be shipped can be delivered (For a fee). See the heading prices. You can also pick up the product , for free,  yourself.

Items can not be reserved. After payment, your order is final and the item is yours. If something is not correct in your payment details, please let me know by mail.

Complaints procedure
If you have a complaint, I would be happy to resolve it for you.

Send me a mail  describing the problem as completely and clearly as possible. You will receive a response from me within 3 working days. I'll let you know how I can fix it  or I'll let you know how much time I need to resolve your issue. If we do not come to a solution after 4 weeks, you may submit the complaint to the dispute settlement procedure. Of course I hope it never comes to that.


Dutch law applies to these conditions.

Additional or different provisions
All photos are taken by myself. You may pin, use and duplicate the photos freely, stating De Zaak van Sjaak. 

Force of the majority
Force majeure includes all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen over which De Zaak van Sjaak has no influence, but as a result of which De Zaak van Sjaak is unable to fulfill its obligations. Products that break or get lost during shipment cannot be repeated at De Zaak van Sjaak.