BLOMSTER IKEA Design - PS kandelaars

€ 35,00

IKEA Blomster 16790 Candle holder set of 2, White Blomster candle holders, Candle holder for tea lights, Retired IKEA Candle holder, Hygge.

20 cm

24 cm

Handmade, makes it unique.

Making blown glass products takes time, knowledge and imagination. This means that all products are unique. You will recognize them immediately, because they are marked with a special symbol.

The subject of art in your home
For the production of blown glass products, we work with skilled craftsmen who have been honing their skills for years. The glassblower collects a sphere of molten glass at the end of a special tube and, by blowing into it, gives the glass the desired shape. All masters have their own talent, experience and imagination, so each finished item turns out to be a unique work of art.

designers P Amsell & B Berlin