Hoi! Wij zijn Evelien en (hondje) Sjaakie. 

Because my dog ​​Sjaak makes me so happy, I named my company 'De Zaak van Sjaak'. An (online) shop where you can buy items for a uniek & personal home.

My love for beautiful things started to look more and more like a collection. Thanks to compliments from friends and family and the question what I mostly like to do? "De Zaak van Sjaak" was created. 

From secondhand shop to living room
In recent years thrift shops have become more and more popular and I am very happy about that. This ensures that all these second-hand products are given a second (or third) life without the need for new raw materials.

By choosing a second-hand product, you easily opt for a more conscious and sustainable life. Still, it can be quite difficult to pick the real gems from the dusty thrift shops.

That's why I collect all these finds on my website and Instagram. So YOU don't have to search around in the thrift stores and still be able to buy these beautiful second-hand items.​

Sustainability is very important to me, which is why I prefer to choose second-hand rather than buy something new. With a few small adjustments in your life, you can already live a lot more sustainably."

On instagram I show my sustainable research. Now and then I share some tips.  At the moment I do this by  driving as economically as possible for shopping/purchase and delivery. I make sure that packaging is reused or biodegradable and I don't use chemicals to refurbish furniture, for example. 

In addition, I have pick-up point in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zaandam, Opmeer and Velsen Noord where you can pick up purchased items. I give them to family so it can take a little longer before it is there. But this saves shipping costs and is also better for the environment.

Where can you find me?


I work from home. If you want to see (more) items, you can always contact me and come by. and Every month I am at the market of the IJ-hallen.

Next market: 

10 and 11 September - IJ-hallen
8 and 9 October - IJ-hallen

29 and 30 October - IJ-hallen

18 December - Volkshotel
19 and 20 December - IJ-hallen